Visit to Tree of Life Nursery; Sailing

Juli and I visited Tree of Life Nursery on the way to go sailing with Warren, Doris, Ken, and Mylena. I purchased Salvia apiana, another white-leaved Salvia apiana x leucophylla "Desperado" and a few others. I bought the Salvia apiana with the purpose of putting it in front of the front porch in place of the Morea. I actually wanted two, but allowed myself to be talked in the "Desperado" so that I could make the comparison and pick a winner. I figure that I can propagate the one I prefer more from cuttings.

The other purchases are mostly low growing natives that I'll try out as ground covers in the back yard. I looked into the sedges (praegracillus has recently been , but the water requirements all seemed a bit high for me, so acting upon some advice from Nursery Staff, I'll try a low growing Salvia (not "Bees Bliss" - they were out) and two Arctostaphylos. I'm having trouble remembering what I bought. There's no itemized receipt and ToL Nursery has a habit of not putting plant ID in or on the containers. There was a help yourself plant ID stake pile at the register. I guess using those could have addressed this problem.

Sailing was good, though winds were low during this unseasonably warm weather. We saw a small whale about 40' away. He easily outswam us because of the low winds.

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