Springboard Ale

Made by New Belgium Brewing. 98% ale brewed with Wormwood, Lycium, and Schisandra. 2% Ale aged in oak barrels.

There are Wikipedia entries for each: Wormwood, Lycium, Schisandra. It's interesting to compare the relatively restrained prose of Wikipedia to some of the herbal health sites. Take this claim for Schisandra

"Taking a cue from the Chinese, now even the herbal practitioners in the West have begun to realize the medicinal value of schisandra. They have hailed the herb as an effective ‘adaptogen’, a mediator that helps in enhancing the body’s defiance against diseases, anxiety, stress, and weaknesses as well as many other devastating physical conditions. Now scientists as well as physicians emphasize that ‘schisandra is highly beneficial in enhancing energy levels, refill and nurture the viscera, perk up eyesight, improve the activities of the muscles and also influence the energy cells throughout the body’."

The beer itself is good: clean, bright, slight fruity and a hint of sweet on the finish

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