If you build it they will come

Juli was right. After 6 months of NOTHING, I had two. Then 4, 8, 20, and more. Now that they're here, I'm not so sure that I want them.


The full complement (8 to 10 on the sock plus more waiting in the wings) can eat all the seeds from that sock in just a few days!


  1. Ha! I've got them too, at least a couple dozen. It took less than a day for the first goldfinch to find my feeder, but it was a clear plastic one-- they can see the seed inside. I don't want to say how much money has gone to buying thistle this past year. But once they depend on you, how can you stop?

  2. The goldfinches are so charming it is worth the effort to attract them. We live in Chicago so don't have to use a feeder just grow flowers they like and a couple of evergreens for nesting and goldfinches are more common than house sparrows.
    I have seen them on sunflowers,coneflowers and liatris. They disappear after the seed does.

  3. matilija -

    Yes. I can't stop now because I'd feel guilty. I did have a couple day hiatus when the sock went empty, but they came right back.

    gloria -

    I feel a little bad about the superabundance of seed I've laid on. I'd feel better if, like you, I had a native plant food.

    A little Googling turns up some plants I already have or could plant: Achillea millefolium (specifically the red ssp., but I presume all) I have the white flowering kind. Also the Aster family, as you've indicated - Aster chilensis, etc. Cercis occidentalis (have it) and a whole lot more. Maybe as my garden matures I'll see them on the plants more and more.

  4. Heh...I'm in the same boat with abundant goldfinches, and right now the redpolls are pounding on the thistle hard core. Once in awhile I get indigo buntings too, and that's a real treat!