Rain 2.17"; Season total 13.65"

We're in the midst of a week of rainy weather and a heavy storm came through last night, dumping 1.52" on my house.

A storm ending 21 Feb dropped 0.18" in my back yard, which was only the first of several storms to come. Here's the rainfall that followed.

21 Feb 0.18"
22 Feb 0.45" (AM)
22 Feb 0.02" (PM)
24 Feb 1.52" (AM)
total = 2.17" thus far

My rainfall measurements seems to be a bit lower than official reports.

The seasonal total is what I've managed to measure in my back yard. 13.65" is just into the fourth quartile of rainfall for Los Angeles at this time of year.

I've changed the date on this post, originally posted on 22 Feb, as I've added new information.

Grace's whole meteorology thread on BadMomGoodMom.

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