Bloom time: Calochortus superbus (Superb Mariposa, Yellow Mariposa)

 This popped up Sunday, April 28th - Calochortus superbus.  It's the largest of the lilies that I have and the latest blooming.  I'm fortunate that it looks like there's several more coming this season.  Normal bloom time for this bulb is May, June, and July, so it was only a few days early.

Meanwhile, the Bloomeria crocea (Golden Stars) are doing great.


  1. (More FYI, than comment.)
    Thanks for helping to see us through our long Ontario winter. We are finally getting into the garden this week to prep for May. Your blog was one of the first we came across back in June(when I decided to offer up my humble fare to the world)and has led us to other like-minded thinkers.

  2. Thank you so much, Lisa. It's wonderful to hear from you.