Bloom time: Iris 'Canyon Snow' and Mimulus 'Jeff's Tangerine'

I did two plantings of Iris 'Canyon Snow'.  The first planting (plants purchased from the Payne Foundation) was near the base of a slope, early in the winter or perhaps late fall, wasn't successful - I think I lost two of three plants.  The second planting, midwinter, has been very successful.  The second planting (plants purchased from the SB Botanical garden) was a bit up on the same slope, so perhaps the iris weren't so water logged or perhaps they had a tab bit more sun or maybe I didn't disturb the roots as much.  Whatever the reason, all three of the second planting have been successful and have flowered their very first year.

 Remember that Mimulus that had one bloom open last week?  Well, here comes the Mimulus.  I've intermixed the Mimulus 'Jeff's Tangerine' with Escholzia Californica maritima.  I suppose if I were a better designer, I'd have not used two orange blooms.

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  1. Makes you want to live forever, doesn't it ? Think of all the possible combinations you could play with. Even mistakes and so-called failures would welcome. Of course living forever would have to have all the usual misery eliminated that we see reported on in the News Reports these days.

    Enjoyed your account and experiences very much. Keep sharing them and others will succeed. Sometimes your writings may trigger thoughts in others for successes in other ways or other plants.