Bloom time: Calochortus Superbus, Papaver '?', and Crocus sativus

Calochortus superbus is still superb!

Papaver '?' looks brilliant! Note: ? = 'Queen's Poppy' (what I think I received) or 'Danebrog' (what I ordered). I have an email to Annies to see if they can tell. This is a so-called 'breadseed poppy'.  So far as I can tell this is a euphemism for an opium poppy (though a beautiful one).  The parentage seems somewhat obscure on Annie's site, since they probably don't want to attract the sort of people that won't enjoy the blooms like I will.

Crocus sativus (Saffron Crocus) did not produce any flowers and therefore no saffron this year. This is what happened at my old house. In fact, it may have taken them a couple years. I was hoping for some production this year. Oh well. This state of being is normal, which is why it's nice to have pots.  I'll just put the pots out of the way until fall.

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