Bloom time: Catching up with the Lupines and such

Most of these photos are from April 9 or the week before.

Western Wallflower continues to hold on to its color. 
My Lupines are doing well.  This is the peak bloom.  Days after this, high winds blew away all the flowers.  The seeds glow nicely in this light due to the hairs covering them.

Arroyo Lupine at the San Pedro annex, below.  Juli has her own now.  They catch water like nicely.

A sport occurs when there is a mutation in the parent plant.  The most obvious sports have a clear growth difference from the parent (Blood oranges are a sport).  Here's a sport from Ceanothus 'Tuxedo' in light green.  C. 'Tuxedo' is a hybrid and has nearly black foliage.  I would guess the sport is a reversion closer to one of the parents.

Pacific iris (at the San Pedro annex).

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