Native plants in my garden

I did a lot of planting and "un"planting last weekend after going to the Payne foundation. Notable among the plant stakes in this photo are two older ones that I found out among the yarrow meadow while I was re-digging it. Clearly I had no idea how overwhelmed I'd be with Achillea millefolium. I planted my five Heuchera "Wendy", a couple Encelia Californica were planted a while back, and I did find some Allium unifolium in 4" pots which I also planted out.

This is a well-behaved clumping yarrow (not Achillea). The yellow flowers cover it later in the year. This one bunch is anomalous at this time of year.

I'll post later on how I redug the Achillea this weekend.

The Ceanothus "Darkstar" has more and more flowers.

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