Dominguez watershed group

There's something new and exciting afoot in my neighborhood. Back on 17 November, 2007, I wrote about an idea I had for greening the Dominguez Channel. During the process of thinking the idea through, I made contact with local watershed guru Jessica Hall, a former Hawthorne resident, who was receptive to the idea. I tried to plant the idea with local government, but I wasn't a strong enough champion, the timing was poor, and it languished.

Still the idea was out there like a seed that needed just the right conditions, and on 26 Jan of this year it started to grow roots: I received a message from Rosalie Preston, who was interested in seeing some park / bikepath / nature functionality restored to the flood control channels in her neighborhood near Harbor Gateway. Rosalie is much more dedicated than I - she had made contact with her local water management boards and personnel. A series of emails followed. I brought Jessica into the conversation. Jessica brought Viviana.

Today I had the privilege of meeting Jessica Hall, Viviana Franco, and Rosalie Preston and we talked for a couple hours about how to transplant the successes of other local watersheds to the Dominguez channel. I think that good things will come of this.

Look for more at the LA Creek Freak blog and at the Dominguez watershed blog Friends y Amigos of the Dominguez Watershed. The link is also over at the right as "Dominguez Watershed News".

We've only just begun.


  1. Thanks Brent! I am excited to see Dominguez take off too. Thanks for your leadership!