Healthy dinner

I've been trying to eat more healthily. In addition to the coffee + danish that I am no longer eating, I'm trying to shift to even more fruits and vegetables. Here's a meal from earlier in the week, unartfully arranged, but illustrative. Those are artichoke ravioli, radishes from my garden with balsamic vinegar, arugula from my garden cooked with a little bit of bacon and garlic (that's a superb flavor combination and you ought to not feel guilty for adding a little pork fat to your overflowing double handful of arugula. I keep the bacon frozen and slice some off with my large knife for flavoring when needed.), and some Spanish style white beans (pre-prepared from Trader Joes).

EDIT: My mother emailed with a "where's the protein?". I have to admit that the only protein is in the beans plus a little in the ravioli stuffing from romano? cheese.

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