Garden trellis and radishes

Last weekend, I built a couple three sided trellises for my sugar snap peas out of bamboo that I collected from my parent's house. (Photo below)

In the foreground of the photo is my redwood rain gauge holder. It's very convenient not to have to stoop to pluck the rain gauge out of a hole in the ground. On the ground are 1x12 planks to walk on so as not to compact the soil.

I mulch with compost now. First I had wood chips on the whole garden as mulch, then only on the paths. Recently I I decided that wood chip mulch, no matter how lauded in the native plant community, has no place in a vegetable garden where you are constantly planting and digging. They are still fine for established native plant gardens.

The trellises are all held together with galvanized wire. I had some complicated over, under, and around style of wrapping the wires but it gets ugly when two cross members meet.

But then I realized that once around is probably just fine. These only have to last a year.

I grew radishes successfully in my raised beds.

My preference is for the round white ones because they have a mild taste. They've been pretty good sliced thinly with balsamic vinegar. I wasn't a radish fan before this, and I'm not one now, but I think they're OK.

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