Roulade of pork loin

A week or two ago I was inspired by a recipe in one of Juli's magazines that used a sliced and pounded pork loin stuffed with all sorts of good things. The official recipe called for brining the pork for 8 hours before, but I don't plan that far ahead, so I skipped that part. Then, I didn't have a single thing that the recipe called for except the pork loin, so I ended up with what you see here instead.

The stuffing has apples, cranberries, lemon zest, pine nuts, sage, thyme, salt, pepper. This was delicious, particularly when served in a small pool of cranberry sauce.

In the spirit of sharing the wealth, my son thought I should send the recipe to Grandma for Thanksgiving.

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  1. There's no recipe, but I will add that I sliced and pounded the pork before covering with the stuffing and rolling and tying tightly.