New house colors

I have spent a good long time thinking about colors for my house, including a failed attempt at using the computer. For a long time I knew that I wanted a sage green main color, but the other colors eluded me. Recently, as I was falling asleep, I thought how nice an old Cabernet colored trim would be with a sage green house. I didn't quite end up with that color, but today I settled on

  • Benjamin Moore "Country Redwood" for trim around doors and windows and for the fascia board at the eaves.
  • Pratt & Lambert "Off White" 32-31 (old #2301-1FB) for the windows, French doors, eaves, and garage door. Seriously, it's called "Off White"
  • Pratt & Lambert "Olive Fog" 18-11 (old #2217) for the body of the house.
Juli didn't initially buy into my vision. Then she did. After that, she quickly helped me home in on the right three colors.

As she pointed out, the Country Redwood plays well with both the brown roof and the brick facing.

Both Pratt & Lambert and Benjamin Moore have online house "painting" services. BM implements Personal Color Viewer (the same software that I tried at home and got frustrated with). An hour or two in the paint store looking at color chips was far better time spent.

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  1. Sounds good to me! Picking colors is something I dread. There are so many of them.