Gardening software

I get a weekly email from CNET / Download.com. This week they focused on gardening software. Has anyone used these tools before?

Behold, our favorite five fall gardening applications for the week of October 17:

1. Gardens and Plants - It's impossible to manage a garden if you don't know what you're maintaining. This helpful reference software lists more than 2,500 plants and 4,000 pictures to help identify and learn about plant species.

2. Garden Planner - With a drag-and-drop interface and solid support for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, this simple-to-use software lets anyone create a garden design in seconds. Users can select generic or specific plant shapes, then add patios, fences, paths, and other objects.

3. Realtime Landscaping Plus - This powerful landscape-design software brings your ideas to life with realistic 3D simulations. Design elements like gardens, water features, patios, and fences, and then walk around your creations as you view them from 360 degrees.

4. Vegetable Garden Design - Many crops like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and carrots (you know, all those kid favorites), can grow well in cool weather and extend the growing season. This helpful garden-design tool lets you create your map and then add all the vegetables that you want to plant.

5. Folia - The best way for budding horticulturists to learn is from veterans. This social-networking site for gardeners lets users share and learn from the successes and failures of others. Ask specific questions about plants or techniques and get answers from the experienced Folia community.


  1. These sound like fun toys...

  2. They do sound fun. I went and looked at them all (just the reviews and the functionality description). Some of the user-written reviews are brutal.

    Folia looks like the most useful, and that's a web site.