Promised rain fails to come through

Only a light mist fell on Saturday, 4 Oct, even though early forecasts sounded pretty sure that real rain was on the way. I booked 0.001" as a place holder, even though I couldn't actually measure that small of an amount.

I was outdoors most of the day, and at one point my shirt got damp, but that was the heaviest extent of the rainfall. Still, the nice crisp air was a fine reminder that fall is here and a good break from the previous week's heat (up around 80 F).

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  1. We're having the usual October heatwave. It's been at least 80 deg F during the days this week. It's 9:30 p.m. right now and my little clock/thermometer says it's 75 deg F. That's with all the windows and skylights open.