Vegetable garden seeds

I ordered the following from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply. I feel a little bad about not using my local nursery, but they don't have garlic or shallots. After the 5% discount and a free package of seeds at PVFS the shipping costs added back in and made it about what I would have paid locally.

These are for planting now:

Garlic - California Early White Organic (Lb)
Shallots - Dutch Yellow Organic (Lb)
Renee's Garden Lettuce Baby Mesclun Cut and Come Again
PVFS Lettuce Rouge D'Hiver
Renee's Garden Pea Snap Super Sugar
PVFS Carrot Scarlet Nantes
PVFS Carrot Kuroda
Renee's Garden Broccoli Raab Super Rapini

I haven't grown shallots, garlic, or Broccoli Raab, so this will be a learnign experience. They didn't have kohlrabi, but I decided I was mainly interested because of my prior failure and because it's such an odd-ball looking vegetable.

My cover crop:
Red Clover - Doublecut - Rhizocoated (Pack)
It's 0.5 to 2 lbs per 1000 sq feet recommended coverage, so two packs at 0.02 for my ~100 square feet is about right.

These just sounded interesting. I think they are for next summer.
Renee's Garden Bean Pole Spanish Musica
PVFS Beans Jacob's Cattle

I got intrigued by the potatoes as well, but was dismayed to learn that, "The minimum potato order is 5 lbs of your choice combining at least 1 lb each of any variety."

One pound makes an 8' row and 10-15 pounds of eating potatoes, so that would have been beyond my capacity to plant, harvest, and eat!

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