Mystery art

I picked up a large piece of art while in Santa Barbara this weekend. I don't know if I'll come to love it, but the price was right. (Free!) It's a large piece, framed with good workmanship and a Delphine Gallery sticker on the back. It looks like it's made with torn paper and ink, with perhaps some light water damage or just age-related deterioration.

The artist's name is written in pencil, but it's such a scrawl that I have a hard time reading it. That looks like an "R".

I'd contact Delphine Gallery through their web site, but it's been taken over by domain squatters. Then again, maybe they just framed it, but don't represent the artist.

This is the Google cache:

Welcome to the Delphine Gallery.

We are located in Santa Barbara, California and proudly

represent California artists James Paul Brown, Susan Savage,

Rick Garcia, Malcolm Tuffnell, Wayne Hoffman, Augustus Higginson,

Victor Schiro, and many other established artists.

Please visit our Artist’s Page to view the image galleries

for each of these talented artists.

The gallery is in the Arlington Plaza in Santa Barbara at

1324 State Street. Inquiries regarding artwork for sale

may be made by contacting us at 805-962-6625 or by

e-mail, info@delphinegallery.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

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