One Pot At A Time payback

I took a good amount of Phacelia tenacetifolia, Clarkia, and Gilia seed from my front yard down to the Madrona Marsh the other day. Maybe a pound all in all. This was my payback from the One Pot At a Time seed that I received from Connie Vadheim, but it felt good to spread the harvest around.

I collected the seed heads when I cleaned up my front yard back in May and it had sat in large paper bags ever since. I first put my son to work threshing the dried seed heads in a colander that I placed inside a large pot. He enjoyed it until his arms got irritated by the chaff. Bad planning on my part - I had started him on the worst one (Phacelia) and it had been stored outside (spiders?). Had I started him on an easier seed he might have lasted. I finished in a short while. Don't underestimate the power of kitchen tools.

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