Things I've done in three weeks

Since I haven't had time to blog, I haven't really had time to do much that I would blog about. Some progress did happen, despite my absence from the blog sphere.

My garage is cleaner and tidier.

My vegetable garden is growing. Tomatoes are below average this year. Celebrity and Green Zebra seem to be the survivors of the great tomato blight of 2008. Green Zebra is not even phased compared to all other tomato plants. Celebrity is in advanced decline but had a sufficient crop nearly ready before it was hit hard. Sweet 100 failed as did Sun Gold. Sniff. Squash are doing well, corn is magnificent, new plants like lovage are doing well.

I've noticed that sunflowers I've seen in other gardens look great right about now when my garden looks a bit in decline - my great piles of buckwheat flowers are beginning to brown, but in other people's garden the sunflowers are going strong. I need some for next summer.

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