Food from the garden

My vegetable garden featured daily at mealtimes this weekend. I ate my one Kohlrabi* chopped finely and added as crispy goodness to a chicken salad sandwich. This was topped with a juicy slice of Celebrity tomato, also straight from the garden. I've never been a huge fan of the larger tomatoes, preferring instead to pop cherry tomatoes into my mouth by the handful, but I have to admit that it was a nice slicer: firm yet ripe, low acid, juicy like no one's business.

Sunday I served up some white chard cooked down in a pan with its rinse water, some olive oil and diced shallot. These chard leaves were culled from among the chard that I plan to keep as a perennial garden plant. It too was juicy, with a slight smokey taste.

Finally, I used lemon grass from my garden to punch up some zucchini blanched in water+soy+lemon grass in an impromptu attempt at an Asian flavored side dish. I'm not sure it was a successful combination - edible but not so good that I'll try it again. Maybe I'll try lemon grass in a marinade before grilling.

* I planted a whole package of Kohlrabi seed, but got only one plant. I don't know what went wrong. Wikipedia states it will "grow almost anywhere".

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