Metal recycling

Without lifting a finger, one of my To Do list objectives is accomplished.

From: My brother
Sent: Fri 6/27/08 10:42 AM
To: Brent and Family

Last Sunday we were returning to Susana for work and we spotted a stake-side truck driving up the road. I thought out loud that it could be one of those guys I've seen combing the neighborhood for the curb side goodies folks for some reason like to leave out for others... F encouraged me to follow, so we sped off after the truck and managed to catch up when it pulled over in Redondo. Sure enough, this guy and his presumed spouse were out collecting scrap at the curb sides and had stopped to gather some cast iron grates someone had put out. I asked him if he would be interested in construction scrap I had just up the road. With a shrug like, "sure, I'll drive up and see," he followed us. When I peeled back the Lanai gate, his expression suggested that we made his gas intensive search worthwhile- I had wondered if these guys even broke even with the price of gas as their trucks are usually empty... In matter of 20 minutes we cleared out the remainder of the metal I had laying about and the old range too. With scrap prices as they are, he may pocket at most $15-25 [I'm guessing much more -Brent] from my backyard recycling efforts, but better yet, he saved me the effort of figuring out when and how to get rid of the metal I had been hoarding for over two years.

Previously, a pickup truck load of this junk had already been hauled off to the recyclers, thanks to Brent's efforts, but the twisted and contorted pieces I had remaining probably would have required two more trips, with further coordination for the stove. As luck would have it, it was now all packed up with both parties benefiting. With a "Gracias, Amigo", the scrap collector was off again on his search.

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