Garage clean up

This has been on my To Do list for a long time, but it wasn't the first thing on my list to do this weekend. Instead, I thought I'd be working on detailing out my French door installation. Juli's job was to spray low expanding foam into the crack between door frame and stud. "I'll be right back from the garage with the foam - I know it's in there somewhere", I said.

Some time later, I was still looking for the foam and I'd decided that I couldn't make real progress until the garage was in a better state. I'm happy to say that it now is.

Of course the untidy garage was an impediment to doing anything on the house, since you could barely move around with twisting an ankle or moving half a dozen things to get to what you wanted. Now it's all good.

And the spray foam? It wasn't in the garage after all. It was next to the French door in the kitchen all along.

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