Last Child in the Woods

I've been reading _Last Child in the Woods_ by Richard Louv. He speculates upon a beneficial nature / mind link.

see http://www.thefuturesedge.com/

One of the central elements of Mr. Louv's thesis is that because nature is a highly enriched environment, it can have beneficial effects on peoples' (particularly childrens') mental states. He has a well-written argument that I won't repeat here.

My experience with my son at the Lair convinced me that Mr. Louv has a bead on some elements of truth. My son went to the Lair somewhat unhappy and came back much happier, a state that has persisted. His best activity there was unstructured play in the creek - exactly the sort of play that Mr. Louv states is most beneficial.

I am aware that you can draw an infinity of lines through one data point.

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