Electrical bid process starting again

Gene from 1-Stop Electrical will be by tomorrow at 4:15 PM to give me a new bid. He was the low bidder last time I went through this process, almost a year ago to this day. Here's what I'll be asking him to bid to, with separate call outs for each item:

  1. 200 A electrical panel, mounted in the south wall of the garage. Location indicated in blue chalk is already spotted by Tom Cross, SCE.
  2. Minimum two ground rods. Maintain separation per NEC or better.
  3. Deactivate old electrical panel so that I can remove it. Need to discuss this before going forward. Wire as sub panel instead? Cost / benefit analysis needed.
  4. Upgrade to larger gauge pole-to-house wiring (Need to clarify: Edison responsibility? Who contacts Edison?)
  5. Garage exterior outlet: 120V, 20A, single gang, in-wall mount. GFCI breaker. Mounted in east side of garage near south corner.
  6. Garage interior outlet: 120V, 20A, four gang, GFCI. Mounted above counter height on south wall.
  7. Garage interior outlet: 240V, GFCI. Mounted above counter height on south wall.

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