Edison delivers, again

Tom Cross from Edison was back at my place today to re-re-spot my new electrical panel location. We talked on the phone and he indicated that he was viewing the area I'd marked with blue chalk. All is O.K. for a panel in that location, except that if it is to be a surface mount panel then I might not have enough clearance (36" is required - my measurements indicate about 39" from the wall) to the side yard fence.

I assured him that I intended to put in a flush mount panel. I think that most electricians don't bother with flush mount panels because it's so much easier to put in a surface mount. I've wanted flush mounted from the get go for aesthetic reasons.

This was the information that my electrical contractor, Gene from 1-Stop Electrical (310-676-4520) was waiting for to go ahead with a bid, so I've let him know that I had success.

To Do list updated.

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