Sandia Peak aerial tram ride

On the 28th I had a few unexpected hours left after a meeting in Albuquerque, so I called friends Michelle and Dave. No answer. Undoubtedly, they were working like most normal people, so I took myself up the Sandia Peak Tramway. For just under $20 (parking and tram ticket) I took the longest aerial tram ride in the world, 2.7 miles. I wish I had taken a camera with me: it was spectacular! Surprisingly, the tramway has only one tower located midway between top and bottom. Passage by the tower is slower than normal due to buffeting by winds which were 12-18 MPH on the day I took the tram. Approach to and passage by the tower is watched through telescope from the base terminus and coordinated by voice with the cabin operator. "Winds are steady and we're moving about a foot from side to side."

You can see about 10% of New Mexico from the peak on a clear day. I don't know if the 28th was exceptionally clear or not, but I could see all the way up to Los Alamos and far into the distance all around. The top has a ranger station with some interpretive information and restaurant which serves as a ski lodge in winter for downhill skiing located on the opposite side of the peak.

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