Gardena Willows

To my knowledge of all the South Bay Cities, only Lawndale, Hawthorne, and maybe Lomita don't have a native restoration effort underway*. Gardena springs to mind as one of the impoverished "landlocked" cities, but even they now have a 13 acre restoration effort. See The Gardena Willows.

I keep the Lawndale City in mind as I tend my front yard meadow, which received a haircut this weekend to qwell any querlous old lady neighbors who think that plants going to seed is unnatural: All those seed yarrow seed heads got summarily wacked off. The reason for this is that Lawndale went so far as to cite the Hendersons for maintaining native plants on their property. Lawndale eventually backed down, but only after the Hendersons retained an attorney and fought a pitched PR battle. Huell Howser profiled their garden.

*El Segundo has the El Segundo Blue butterfly habitat and some restored dunes at LAX (maybe not El Segundo proper, but close enough), Manhattan Beach has the MB Botanical Garden, Redondo and Torrance have some restored beachside (though ignorant people complain that it's brown at the end of summer, duh), Torrance also has the Madrona Marsh. Lomita has a small fenced lot around the last vestiges of a vernal pool that I read about at least a year ago. Hmm. Maybe Lomita doesn't have anything. Palos Verdes (all areas) has pays special attention to their "blue line" streams and canyons.

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