0.49" overnight
0.78" in the morning

I didn't record the last rain of the 2006 season in a convenient place (meaning one that I could ever subsequently find) but the LA Times reports that it was 0.05" on April 22. That capped off a season that was just under 1.5", as measured in my backyard.

This weekend's rain was nearly the sum total of last year's entire rainy season! We're well into the fourth quartile of rain for the month of September (third quartile ends at 0.095"), based on rainfall data from 1944 to 2005. In fact, we're well above the 3rd quartile of rain for October as well (0.382").

This was a fitting start to fall, my favorite time of year. The whole yard has perked up and the meadow is looking particularly nice.

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  1. That's more than we got. But, rain is such a novelty, I posted a video of this weird phenomenon.