Evil lawn

There's yet another article in the LA Times Home & Garden section about losing your lawn.

...drought-tolerant plants became part of the solution -- although in entirely different ways. Despite being dissimilar in architectural and garden styles, the [two] homes prove just how versatile these plants can be. Once used mostly as stylistic botanical props where something unusual was called for, they are becoming part of the garden vernacular, equipped to live on low doses of moisture and survive bouts of drought.

Updated with a relevant picture 1 Oct

Here's a picture of some interesting grass area from a June-July 2007 trip to Germany. This is on the grounds of the Wurzburg Residenz, a palace known as "the Versaille of Germany." Needless to say, no expense is spared on grounds upkeep. Note the "weeds" in the turf lawn, which would never be tolerated here in the US.

Also, take a look at John Greenlee's presentation from 2004 (works best with MS Explorer, ugh ).

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