Archimedes was right

"Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth." There was a little earth moving involved, but not exactly what Archimedes had in mind. Still, the cotoneaster is now demolished and in its place is a nice ceanothus ("Darkstar" I think - I have two but the crummy paper ID tags rotted away.) I'd like to kill the person who planted the cotoneaster right up against the concrete fence post footing (just like the former bottlebrush tree and every other poorly chosen plant in the yard). I think that they were following S. California garden principle #54: "Move everything to the edges so that you can have more lawn; your over sized and under disciplined dog will enjoy the extra room to crap." The newly planted ceanothus is about 3' away from the fence in approximately the same location.

This accomplishment was about 5H of digging, axing, picking, and levering, then filling and planting. Progress, no matter how incremental, was forward today. I'm going to update my most recent To Do list with a big strike, indicating that progress is being made.

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