Museum of Science and IndustryCalifornia ScienCenter

Apparently I'm dating myself by referring to it as the MoS&I. We went there during my early January vacation. Heelies were brought and used appropriately outdoors after touring the whole place in regular shoes. The outdoor walkways are GREAT for Heelies (and the inside wasn't so bad either).

January vacation started with a late Christmas on December 30th. This was a bit of a rush for me since the house had been fumigated the 26th - 29th and I needed to clean, restock, etc. Fortunately Mom came through with a great beef paprika dish for dinner which meant that I didn't have to cook. I had held back several presents knowing that my son would be well indulged, but in the fog of my tiredness they made their way under the tree, adding to the excess (books, so I don't feel too bad about it).

Vacation time activities included glow in the dark miniature golfing (a flop with the under 10 year old person that it was targeted at, though he did enjoy the air hockey), farmer's market, hiking George F. Canyon Preserve (the preserve is mainly a canyon, but I think they decided that it would be too confusing to have it called the George F. Canyon Canyon), and the aforementioned California ScienCenter.

Recently it's all been about the Pinewood Derby. We built a minimalist router table to do some of the cutting and have what appears to be a decent looking race car. It has front running boards, a boat tail, and a shark fin at the back, all painted in Rustoleum "key lime". The name Green Lightning appears to have stuck. I think I'll get some accusations of it being my project, but we've worked on it together nearly the whole time. Pictures later.

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