Weekend Quality Time

I've been in a time warp since Friday. I ended up taking the day off to meet two termite inspectors (low bid from local Bateman Termite for $1210, high bid from southern California based Corky's Pest control for $1295), retrieve two doors from the Habitat for Humanity resale shop in Gardena, go to Home De(s)pot for supplies, and lay the groundwork for my weekend adventure. My buddy Warren showed up Friday night and the plan was to hire two laborers Saturday at 7AM and manage them effectively to help accomplish our home improvement tasts: dig the front lawn (done), put in an attic vent (not done), remove a medium sized stump from the back yard (done), and remove two windows (preserved to repair a rotted one elsewhere) and replace with French doors (done, mostly). I think we did a great job.

Sunday at 3ish I said goodbye and thanks to Warren and started cleaning the dust and debris up. My neighbor will be gone next week and I can use his trash cans. Maybe I can get the trash all out the door for free. Since I subsidize everyone else's trash by barely even using the service most of the time, I don't feel any guilt about doing so.

Julio helping Warren demo the window area.

After the doors have been set in place. Note new 4x8 header.

Large pile of grass and dirt are the remnants of the front lawn.

B.C. the cat is gimping around again with his usual Fall time wounded foot pad. I don't know how he does it, but it costs me hundreds last year. He'll go to the vet tomorrow if the soapy bath, betadine rinse, and neosporin that I put on it doesn't improve the tenderness. It's like having another (but uninsured) family member.

Next up: improve Variant II kitchen design with suggestions and knowledge gained this weekend (thanks Warren, Juli, Grace, Maribeth, Mom, Feh, and others).

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