Kitchen design thoughts / Home improvement list

The coastal breeze formerly blew right through my house from the open front windows to the open kitchen windows (though it did have a bit of a serpentine path). When I found the larger 30" doors that are now in place, I forgot about providing for preservation of that flow of air. Additionally, there's more exposed glass to catch the sun in the AM. As a result, the kitchen gets significantly warmer than I'd prefer. I was able to melt a chocolate bar just yesterday. We have few bugs here, but it would still be nice to have a screened vent opening. My mother wrote to remind me of this and of the need for a cat door as a possible upgrade. We had previously talked about all this.

I know you are always using the windows as air circulation in the kitchen. Will you now use a door? What about flying insects? [What about] BC? (who always wants to come in). I guess this is why the idea of a Santa Barbara window alongside the French doors always appealed to me. This is a vertical window that opens (narrow), same height as the door, with a screen. You used to see it in some older homes in LA.

Juli also noticed that there's a nice place for a cat door now, next to the new door. This is the same place that B.C. used to push through the house paper last night and escape into the yard with his wounded paw.

Thinking aloud...I plan a trellis on the patio area at some point, so that will cut down on the heat gain by shading the doors. Can I make a short counter height screened window? How about a pull down screen on the inside of the doors? A cat door seems like a decent idea - I'll have to check this out. It could easily fit in under the junction box, which is 16" off the foundation.

Kitchen issues
Make an updated drawing in Ikea Home Planner with accurate range and fridge sizes.
Include the living room in IHP since the go forward plan seems to be to remove the connecting wall.
Find space for a microwave
Now's the time to spec a new fridge / range. Counter depth fridge?
Cat door
Move gas line planning
Where to put electrical outlets
Get more specific on cabinets and their fittings

General house issues (incomplete and roughly prioritized)
Finalize door and repair stucco
Get front yard landscaping in "neighbor acceptable" shape
Fix back patio drainage - address with guttering for 50% solution
Get native planting done by mid Fall / early Winter
Termite tenting (December?)
Bathroom rennovation
Paint house - wait for spring?
Replace backyard fence
Vent garage attic
Replace study window with salvaged kitchen window
Improve main house attic access
Central heat / central fresh air - install in attic
Driveway replacement
Garage door replacement

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  1. There are screen door options for french doors that discreetly roll up or to the side.

    Looking at the new schematic, does this mean that the wall is gone already?