Ikea Home Planner - Kitchen

I'm using the Ikea Home Planner program, a basic drafting and 3D visualization program, to set up my kitchen. It's handy since I plan to use Ikea cabinets and all the available sizes and colors are included as icons that you can paste into the plan. It will generate a price list as well, and allows you to upload your design to the Ikea corporate web site for consultation with their designers.

Below are Variant I and Variant II kitchen designs, shown in plan view as saved from IHP. Not all planned features come through with IHP, but enough to get a good sense of what I have planned. (edit: One feature that is absent is to allow counters larger than the cabinet underneath. So my picutures don't show the planned counter cantilever around the range, which would fill the dead space at the left and right of the range, nor do they show the counter on top of the pass through.) The small room at the south side is actually just one end of my living room. The front door is currently located at its lower right corner. The front door may someday move to the lower left corner.

Below are the same two plans rendered in 3D.

edit: I carefully considered the height of the pass-through in Variant I and decided that counter height wouldn't do the same visual job as bar height. In the case of Variant I, the intent was to define separate spaces, but give them a visual connection as well as allowing visitors to stay out of the kitchen while the chef works. It turned out that once I'd drawn Variant II (actually these were, respectively, designs II and VI, so I had considered other plans as well) I was convinced that in a small place like mine that removing the wall added so much more useful space (useful in the sense that the transition space between kitchen and living room became much more of a multi-use space) . A drawback to Variant II includes more noise from living room to kitchen and vice versa. Practically speaking, I think this means that I'll need a quiet vent hood and a quiet washing machine.

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