Lawns redux

Sod Off! is the title of a short article in this week's LA Weekly. They are running a series of articles on green living. There's some LA area providers of green stuff with websites, but the closest one is located in Venice*.


Judging by the rising tide of green living articles over the past few years as well as those specifically directed at removing your lawn, it seems that something of a trend is happening.

I particularly liked the lede:

Lawns are the SUVs of the garden world. The lush suburban yard, the SoCal American dream, requires inordinate amounts of water, not to mention time spent tending and manicuring. It embodies the arrogance of trying to create mini-oases in a desert climate.

They understate a bit here:
Some varieties even flower; you can add a splash of red to your yard by planting the Texas grass Muhlenbergia capillaris.

M. capillaris is wonderful at this time of year - ethereal burgundy to pink cloud puffs dancing on the ends of its stalks after it flowers. I would be tempted myself were I not on a natives only diet right now. Look for it in your local nursery right now. For a similar native plant look to purple three awn.

Remember, you heard it here first.

*Too bad there's nothing in my neighborhood that ever merits mention in the LA Weekly. I guess Al Watan (Pakistani place nearby) does get high praise from the Weekly, but as far as anything else is concerned we're a Dead Zone. Well, I'll save the pity party for another blog.

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