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The LA Times, writing about how some francophiles have built a small part of Provence in the LA area.

Seven years ago, Gilena and Gary Simons honeymooned for
a month in a charming cottage in the tiny village of
St. Antonin du Var, 30 minutes north of St. Tropez.
Surrounded by pine woods and vineyards set amid low
rolling hills and the chirping of cigales, they fell
in love again—this time with the languorous rhythms
of Provence.

When Gilena and Gary returned to Southern California,
they made up their minds to construct a French mas,
or farmhouse, just like those they had seen abroad.
Far from Provence in miles, but not in spirit, their
10,000-square-foot home in Hidden Hills—Maison du Paix—
feels deeply rooted in the land.

For those who don't know what a mas is, it's a modest, rustic, typically stone, farmhouse. It is NOT a 10,000 square foot monstrosity.

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  1. Yeah, I laughed when I read that article, too. To put it in a different perspective, 10,000 sf is considered a small house in Aspen, Colorado. (The city council there actually debated that and set standards for small, medium and large homes.)

    I wonder how large a house Kenny Boy had in Aspen and if his widow will be forced to hand it over to the Feds.