The Devil Wears Prada

I saw the movie this weekend. I had medium expectations for the movie and they were not exceeded. I hadn't seen any previews or reviews, but I was aware that it was based on a well-liked book of the same name. One has to assume that the book develops the characters and the circumstances a little better. In the movie, it seemed that no sooner had poor little Andrea been hired by the boss from Hell, than she was off to Paris for the climax of the movie when she throws off the shackles of servitude by tossing her phone (with an incoming call from her boss) into a fountain. This would have been a more climactic moment had poor little Andrea actually fallen into the depths of depravity. Instead of the depths of depravity we have her rising desire to emulate the other chic women at the office, some missed social opportunities with her friends, and a boyfriend that is fed up with it all (huh? Develop this part better next time - he's a friggin' line chef how much free time can he have for her? Example cheesy line, "I don't care if you were pole-dancing, as long as you did it with some integrity!") and lays down the law just before her departure to Paris. Zzzzz. This limited the movie's weight and therefore its appeal. Positives were that it was cute, humorous, engaging with a stellar performance by Meryl Streep as the Boss.

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