Earlier this year we took delivery of a pre-owned spa. I built a pad of crushed rock (roadbed) for it to sit on at one end of the garden. I spent a lot of time using a compactor (both a rented "hopper" from the local big box and a hand-driven plate compactor.

This hard-working crew brought it into the yard.  The guy with his back to us was the lead and he had three helpers.  It came in on a plastic sled in order to clear the edge of the eave.

Above, it's being lowered into place atop my finely-tuned and compacted roadbed topped with sand (as a final leveling / smoothing step).  I think I was much more concerned about that whole project than I needed to be.

Getting into final position.

We had made a couple planned and a couple lucky choices about where electrical service, steps, cross members on the pad, and so forth were located.  It all worked.  Sometimes it's better to be lucky than smart.

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  1. I hope you enjoy it, Brent! You're tight that moving a spa isn't for the faint of heart.