Rainfall 0.30"; season total 1.85"

We had a nice rain last Thursday with 0.28" in my back yard.  It got clear for Friday when I was out backpacking with the Scouts.  It stayed clear for us, though cold - nights were near freezing.  Back at home, I'm told that there was a little rain and that's consistent with the damp yard and ponding that I came home to.  My rain gauge isn't accurate for low rainfall and I was a day or two late to measure, so I'm guessing 0.02" for a total this season of 1.85".  If I lived in Los Angeles and this were the season-end total, we would be in the lowest 1-2% of historical rainfall totals.  But I'm not and it isn't. 

More after the break.

 date       rain   season total 
6-Feb    0.28"    1.83"   
7-Feb    0.02"    1.85"    guess- I was away

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