North side garden 2-2-14

There's not a whole lot to recommend my north side garden. I had plenty of plans for it, but ended up neglecting it terribly until recently.  After an inspirational primer on pruning fruit trees that I took at Armstrong Nursery, the established fruit trees have all taken a severe cut. Though following pruning guidelines, I still have regrets that I've done too much.  We shall see. 

In the mean time I can enjoy some other parts of the yard.  Under the trees are a few natives and this one was one of the most pleasing in early February. It has a marvelous scent, seems to thrive on the neglect that I'm giving it, and if you click the link for more you'll see some of its beautiful blooms.

Lepechinia fragrans (Pitcher Sage)

 Normally, I could look back in my blog to find the name, but I suspect that my blogging frequency has been so low that I didn't note this purchase.  By memory and a little bit of searching this is Lepechinia fragrans (Pitcher Sage).  
Lepechinia fragrans (Pitcher Sage)Lepechinia fragrans (Pitcher Sage)

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