Rain 0.19"; season total 1.55"

At last some much-needed rain.  Over night we had about 2 tenths of an inch of rain, following a tease of trace rain in the previous week, bringing the season total at my house to 1.55" of rain - a small amount to be sure.

29-Jan 0.001 1.36 trace
2-Feb 0.19 1.55 

There's more rain in the forecast on Thursday, but the weekend should be clear.

Rainy days like yesterday are my signal to water the yard. That's right, water.  The neighbors probably think that I'm crazy to be out watering in a rain storm, but the way I see it the optimum time, temperature, and sun exposure were just right to add a bit more helpful moisture to our native plants.  We ask our native plants to last through the summer without much water, so the least we should do is give them adequate water when their natural rhythms require it most.

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