The landmark that shouldn't

I'm all in favor of removing palm trees. They tend to be cute at first, but then their negative qualities take over as they mature: invasive, no shade, few ecological services. So when I see someone cutting down a palm, I'm usually all in favor. But please finish the job!
Ah!  Home Sweet Home...with a 5' stump in the front yard.

The stump has been there so long that locals use it as a landmark, "Just turn left at the big old palm stump..." since it's on a prominent corner.  Don't the home owners feel at least a little embarrassed?  In their favor, they apparently they aren't part of the Green Lawn is Good Club.  Don't Do This!

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  1. They need to cut the stump off level, about three feet above the ground, and attach a round table top. Add a couple bar stools, and they can have a trendy pub-style dining area right in their front yard!