Garden blooms

Photos taken 3/25, mostly.  The unidentified exotic that I've written about frequently has started to fade at one end of the planter.

The other end of the planter has one that hasn't quite reached its peak.

My Arroyo Lupines (Lupinus succulentus) are growing larger than the ones I see in the wild nearby. Supplemental water helps as well as reducing the weed competition.
Lupinus succulentus (Arroyo Lupine)
More lupine. The orange is California Wall Flower. The red is Bougainvilla.
Lupinus succulentus
One of the Cobweb Thistles is starting to look good.  Raccoons have been digging for grubs nearby and I hope they don't damage the plants.
Cirsium occidentale (Cobweb thistle)

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