Margaret's Mallow v 2.0

Margaret's Mallow (Lavatera assurgentiflora) has had an occasional appearance here on the blog.  Back in December she wrote that the original had died and she had culled the seedlings to a select few:

Below is a photo of my new mallows that sprung up after the original died.  I took this photo last month (November 2011).  As you can see, the ground is littered with mini mallows.  I let about 10 grow to 4 ft, before I chose one to grow.  I put some in the front yard to act as a fence.  I also gave several away. 
BTW, I didn't add any water at all to these plants.  Crazy how fast this grows. -Margaret


  1. Funny, I just cleaned and stored seeds from mine today. It's big and fluffy and doesn't look like dying anytime soon, but you never know with these plants. It's also making babies; they look just like cheeseweed babies when they sprout.

  2. They do seem prolific, Karen. Perhaps it's because of their normally short lifespan.