Giant Chain Fern and Yerba Buena doing well

They seem happy in their new home. There's been some new growth in the short time since I last took photos.

- Posted at great expense from my iPhone


  1. I recently saw chain fern for sale at my neighborhood nursery in 4" pots--is that how you bought yours?

    I've been very happy with Yerba Buena. Yours looks a lot more vigorous than mine. It gets kind of ugly from time to time and I cut the whole thing back and it starts all over.

    Found some Whippleya modesta recently I'm pretty excited about. Haven't found a place for it yet tho'.

  2. Mine came in a 1 gal pot. I wish I had plentiful 4" pots available - I buy plants that way when I can.

    It's nice to know I can coppice the Yerba Buena when it starts to look ragged.