Backpacking Point Dume

I went backpacking with the Boy Scouts to Point Dume back in March.

I'm happy to report that the wildflowers were magnificent! There were more Giant Coreopsis that I could have imagined, all in the prime of bloom. Ceanothus was just past prime bloom. The particular variety that grows in the canyons we hiked had a pale blue color to the flowers. Some were almost white. It's not hard to imagine one of the white garden selections having these particular plants as ancestors. Mimulus was growing in profusion - I think it was the dominant plant in several areas, and I saw several Venegasia Carpesioides (Canyon sunflower), a plant that I found almost impossible to find in the trade but that was right here in our backyard. Some bulbs that I couldn't identify and Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja affinis)rounded out the flowers.

I'll try a slide show of selected photos below:

For those without Flash, here's link: direct link

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