Back yard blooms

This is the season for native blooms and my back yard is no exception.

The only non-native pictured here. This is lovage which has reseeded from last year. It's supposed to be edible, and that's why I originally bought it, but I've ended up enjoying it as decoration only. I think the backlighting is particularly nice here.

Globe gilia in blue and the ever present yarrow in white.

Checkerbloom has a small red flower. It's in a pot with some new bulbs.

Tidy tips, Douglas' meadowfoam, and a small bay tree in a pot.

Some of the first blooms from Penstemon 'Margarita BOP'. Of three of these plants, two florished and one died.

Coral bells 'Wendy'.

Alium that's a bit out of focus.

Western red bud with ceanothus in background.

Miner's lettuce resprouted from last year's seed. I struggled for a couple years to get this going, and now it does it all by itself after I've given up and moved on.

- Posted at great expense from my iPhone


  1. All beautiful. I'm going to have to look up lovage, because I think I have it confused with borage.

  2. Actually, I am the one that got confused. Thank you for noticing.

    They're both less common vegetable garden plants (at least around my house).