0.05" rain; 14.63" season total

On 4/19 we had 0.05" of rain. I held off reporting this rainfall since two more days of rain were predicted. However, despite a little bit of drizzle, we didn't get a recordable amount of rain.

Statistically speaking, there is a 75% chance of getting about 1.25" or less rainfall in April. We've had only 0.93", so the present amount of rain in April is "normal", though we have exceeded the median April rainfall of 0.45".

More storms were predicted, but the threat of rain seems to have diminished as of today's weather report. If the rainfall total for the year exceeds about 15", then I'm willing to call it as a wet year (the third quartile of annual LA rainfall is 14.94"), but chances of significant storms from here on out are very low.

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