The anguish of spring

Emily Green has a great turn of phrase for her blog post today which I have repeated as mine, since I like it so much apropos of our need for more spring rain. Anticipation of rain could be considered a form of anguish, could it not?  Weather forecasters have been warning of rain for a couple days, so it's not as if this is breaking news, but her post is worth the quick read for a quote by Luis Bunuel and nice link to NOAA.

When you've read her Bunuel quote, come back here and see the rest of it:

I remember one agonizingly dry year when the population of the
neighboring town of Castelceras organized a procession called a rogativa,
led by the priests, to beg the heavens for just one small shower.
When the appointed morning arrived, a mass of clouds appeared
suddenly and hung darkly over the village. The procession seemed
irrelevant; but, true to form, the clouds dispersed before it was over.
When the blistering sun reappeared, a gang of ruffians retaliated.
They snatched the statue of the Virgin from her pedestal at the head
of the procession, and as they ran across the bridge, they threw her
into the Guadalope River.

The bottom line is that we have one last chance of rain next week, so I may have to revise my estimate of how far the storm door has swung closed.

Incidentally, I don't see too many TV news weather forecasters that appear joyous when rain is in the forecast.  Then again, I don't watch much TV.

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